We are the Graduate Business Society (GBS) at the University of Texas at Dallas.

GBS aims to:
Prepare the student community to make effective business decisions
Partner with industry experts to educate students on real world experiences
Keep the student community informed of oncoming innovations in the world of business.

GBS- Imparting Students the skills and information that will make them successful business leaders.

The Graduate Business Society is Celebrating Women's Week on campus

Capital One Presents:

Women in Business
Join us to hear a panel of professionals in Fortune 500 companies speak candidly and personally about their career journeys.

Beth Gerwe - Managing Director at Deloitte Tax LLP
Meredith Sticke - Director, Information Security Governance and Assurance at McAfee
Valencia Bivens - Vice President of Customer Marketing at The Coco-Cola Company

Dr. Monica Powell - Senior Associate Dean, UT Dallas