We are the Graduate Business Society (GBS) at the University of Texas at Dallas.

GBS aims to:
Prepare the student community to make effective business decisions
Partner with industry experts to educate students on real world experiences
Keep the student community informed of oncoming innovations in the world of business.

GBS- Imparting Students the skills and information that will make them successful business leaders.

Many college students have a perception of going out into the "real world" and finding a job.  Few students have a understanding of what that entails.  One of the element of the "job hunt" has to do with the concept of value.  Every company, organization, or opportunity assesses the value of bringing someone new on.  All organizations have the need to bring on talent "A concept we have all heard", but what does talent mean?

For the layman (and not the strict definition), what skills, abilities, capabilities, and knowledge do you bring to the table that will add value to us as an organization.  An elevator pitch is the sell of yourself, noting the type of value you can bring to the organization.  This is the value you have as a human being.  What do you bring, not necessarily what have you done, that bring value.  We have all worked in someway, shape or form.  Have you had a previous evaluation of yourself that you can state why you are, or were valuable to organizations.  What have you done besides convert oxygen to carbon-dioxide.  How do you do this?

When developing your story, remember the structure of what you are trying to say.  The beginning, (why you are there), the problem (what happened), the process (what you did), the result (how you shined).

I was working with (group) when this issue came up about (the problem), I jumped in to develop (a solution), which resulted in (some saving or revenue or new clients) and the (c suite, director, management) was ecstatic.

Now when coming up with a story or an elevator pitch, you do have to make it interesting, concise, and repeatable.  One of the area's of showing value is showing you can tell a story about how you brought value to someone, somewhere, at sometime.  This means practicing your story telling, and developing practiced, working stories.  Most people do not have the gift to just wing a story, and most questions are essentially asking the same thing over, and over again.

1) Why do you want to work for us
2) Tell us about a time you succeeded
3) Tell us about a time you failed
4) Tell us why you want to work in this field.

Each of these questions should have a interesting story noting how you generated value.  All of the answers here should be prepped months in advance.  If you do not have a instant story to answer those 4 questions, you do not know how you can truly bring value to the people around you.