We are the Graduate Business Society (GBS) at the University of Texas at Dallas.

GBS aims to:
Prepare the student community to make effective business decisions
Partner with industry experts to educate students on real world experiences
Keep the student community informed of oncoming innovations in the world of business.

GBS- Imparting Students the skills and information that will make them successful business leaders.

Sanergy was installing 100 new toilets per month in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, but David Auerbach’s team still had a long way to go before reaching their targeted economies of scale (at which point they could provide sanitation services to all Nairobi slum residents at less than one-fifth the cost of a running-water sewer). Now that Sanergy’s for-profit arm was finally generating revenue, it was time to consider the next steps to grow the company. Economies of scale in collection and conversion processes would allow Sanergy to sell waste-converted products to farmers at greater volume and profit, but first they had to install many more toilets, which in turn demanded additional funds.

Scaling Sanergy: MIT Sloan