We are the Graduate Business Society (GBS) at the University of Texas at Dallas.

GBS aims to:
Prepare the student community to make effective business decisions
Partner with industry experts to educate students on real world experiences
Keep the student community informed of oncoming innovations in the world of business.

GBS- Imparting Students the skills and information that will make them successful business leaders.

I am in a car being driven back by the business owner of a chemical company and one of his managers.  The cell phones of both ring every 5 minutes with different clients calling asking on pricing, scheduling refills, or requesting new service.  It has been 3 hours and the phone has maybe been off for 5 minutes.  This is not some large corporation or organization.  This is a small business whose has found a niche in the market that has gave them spectacular growth and little fear of reprisal or competition.  

The business owner is a former consultant, CFO and CEO with 25 years of work experience running companies.  He has done the most complex job of running an organization, and the simplest job of going door to door selling a product.  The door to door sales came after he left the CEO role.  You would not expect someone who has such skills, knowledge and capabilities to be relegated to be a door to door salesman.  Yet as he put it… “It sucks, it is grinding work… but I will be a bigger success afterwards if I continue to do well”.  What got him through that time was attitude, determination, and grit.  Now he owns 3 small companies, has a dozen employees, and is a managing partner of a small venture capital firm.  Deals come in the hundreds of thousands, he turns almost nobody down, and tries to provide the best service to both his clients and his employees.  Many of us indulge in strategy, managing margins, beating the competition… but few of us really know the dirt many of the businessmen and women have gone through to get to where they are.  There are two different areas of business.  

There is the business that focuses on nice buildings, beautiful corporate offices, employee development programs and organized outings, and then there is the business that is not sexy.  These are the businesses that just look ugly, boring, uninteresting or mundane.  Yet to the knowing businessman, they would see great potential, amazing margins and incredible growth.  Business owners love the freedom to make decisions on a second’s notice, without having to consult a board.  Our owner here flies down weekly for a few days, handles the main office work, connects with the employees, flies back, and enjoys his 4-day weekend with his wife and kids.  His employees are happy, the company is growing, and he has ownership.  His office is not pretty, he does not have a corporation behind him, and he has given up alot of the glamour and prestige of a big name attached to his title.

The president of a large company must conduct meetings, meet with the board, and do a hundred other things per week.  They are paid handsomely but they are essentially, an employee.  At any time, their employment can end, and they walk away with nothing.  Our businessman owner works in a warehouse, in a dirty industry, but has no board, no required meetings, earns more than our president, and every time he grows his company, he earns more, and whenever he decides to end his employment, he walks away with his legacy and his history.

Success does not have to be glamorous.